KCT 2015

Kytäjä Club Tour 2015

The 2015 KCT Tour Championship was won in great style by Peetu Vuorela, one of the few junior players at Kytäjä, with a great net score of 65, giving a two shot win over Markku Olasmaa who also played a fine round to score a net 67.

In the overall KCT competition the top 5 players in the rankings each had their difficulties. Jarno Happo managed the best result from that group, his net score of 74 was good enough for 6th place on the day, followed by Laura Haimakainen and Andy Fowlie in 7th and 8th while Camilla Sommar finished in the middle of the field.

Veli-Pekka Hakala, the leader in the rankings before the final, enjoyed a significant advantage over Peetu Vuorela (the 13th placed qualifier) and would have needed to finish 7th in order to stay ahead of Peetu in the overall KCT. Unfortunately for Vellu his round, and his chances, came to an end on the 17th hole when neither his first or his second drives were found and he elected not to go back to the tee to try for a 3rd time and failed to return a score.

This combination of results meant that Peetu Vuorela was the winner of the 2015 Kytäjä Club Tour. It is just great to see a Kytäjä junior winning one of our biggest competitions, hopefully this encourages Peetu and any other juniors to participate in (and win) our competitions in the coming years. It also shows once again that this KCT format really means that everyone in the KCT Tour Championship has a real chance to win the prizes, no matter where they finished in the rankings of the regular season.

Congratulations to Peetu!